The Easiest Way for Kids to Remove Stickers

Little children have an innate love for stickers, and rightfully so – they are bright and colorful, add quirkiness to any simple, boring sheet of paper, and the process of peeling and gluing them is strangely satisfying. But sometimes the hell won’t cooperate. Sometimes, no matter how much these little fingers bend, pull, or scratch the sheet, the sticker is firmly held in its original position.

Who among us hasn’t been annoyed by a sticker that refuses to peel off? Even if it doesn’t make you cry (which it can), at least as @busytoddler’s Suzie Ellison points out on Instagram , it means that parents often have to ‚Äúplay the sticker hero or the sticker remover liaison every time you kids do. art “.

But she has a preventative solution and it only takes a few seconds on your part: remove the simple middle parts of the sticker. Like this :

As Susie writes:

It instantly becomes 462% easier for kids to peel off stickers (this may not be a scientific fact, but FEELS right).

Freeing the stickers from these useless border pieces makes it easier for the little fingers to get the lever they need to grab and peel off. And while they do, they are still working to develop these fine motor skills – only with fewer obstacles in the way.


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