Where to Find Seasonal Work During the Holidays

Finding a job is not easy , but this time there is good news about the job market, as many large companies are hiring hundreds of thousands of temporary workers across the country for the holiday shopping season.

Retailers including Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy are hiring seasonal workers for jobs that usually run until early January during the holiday season. As more people shop online this year, many of these jobs are related to order fulfillment and package handling.

Unfortunately, this kind of work requires a compromise, as companies like Amazon , Target and Walmart face constant criticism of their security practices. These seasonal jobs can be a lifesaver for you, but it’s worth considering the risks. Here are some of the companies that recently announced seasonal hiring for the holidays:

Amazon announced that it is hiring over 100,000 new positions , many of which are in stock. You can apply here .

Targeted plans to hire seasonal workers, but the retailer hasn’t given a number. However, recruiting is expected to be similar to 2019, when the company added 130,000 new employees. You can apply here .

UPS plans to hire over 100,000 seasonal employees to handle the additional package volume delivered during the holiday season. You can apply here .

Kohl’s announced that it is hiring seasonal workers, although it did not disclose the total number of employees. However , they employed 90,000 seasonal workers last year . You can apply here or write “APPLY” to 24508.

FedEx announced that it will recruit 70,000 more people to prepare for the holiday season, up 27% from last year due to increased online shopping. You can apply here .

Walmart will employ over 20,000 seasonal employees at its fulfillment centers across the country, according to their press release . You can apply here or by texting “FC” to 240240.

Nordstrom plans to employ 22,000 employees at its fulfillment and distribution centers, as well as its eponymous and low-cost Rack stores. You can apply here .

Michael announced plans to employ over 16,000 seasonal employees at his stores and distribution centers in the US and Canada. You can apply here .

Best Buy is hiring additional seasonal workers , but will not name the number. They currently have about 2,800 job advertisements posted on their website. You can apply here .


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