What’s New at Disney + November 2020

The Star Wars Celebration Edition is one of the most infamous and damned television programs ever made. It aired during the 1978 holiday season, more than a year after Star Wars hit theaters and became a sensation, and was created as a quick exchange of money between films – a fact obvious to anyone who watched it (that was nearly impossible for a long time,thanks to the YouTube maker ) .With an odd plot (including a celebration of Wookie known as “Day of the Life”), terrifying songs, a decidedly budget look, discreet “special guests” like Bea Arthur and Jefferson Starship , to the fact that Carrie Fisher (RIP) clearly only got to filming with the help of, uh, pharmaceutical aid, he would have been thrown right into the trash can if it was about anything other than the biggest movie, when -or created.

So naturally Disney + makes another one, albeit this time featuring characters from LEGO versions, a la the popular LEGO Star Wars video game series. If games that have no doubts that they are making fun of the saga are any indication, then could a LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special really be good? At least he will be self-aware. The film will premiere on November 17, in time for Thanksgiving. Other notable additions to Disney + in November include new episodes of The Mandalorian and The Right Stuff; premiere Nov. 20 of Marvel 616 , a new series showcasing “the intersection of storytelling, pop culture and fandom in the Marvel Universe”; and the exclusive Disney + Black Beauty , a contemporary retelling of the beloved ( and often filmed ) children’s book.

Here’s everything coming to Disney + in November 2020.

The premiere of the series with new episodes is released weekly in November

  • Inside Pixar
  • Disney Animal Kingdom Magic
  • Mandalorian
  • Marvel 616 (TV series premiere 11/20)
  • One day at Disney
  • The right thing
  • The Real Right Stuff (TV series premiere 20.11)
  • Strange But True ( Season 6/11 Finale)
  • The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (TV Series 11/18)

Films and full series will be released in November

6 November

  • Disney Goldie and the Bear (s1)
  • Disney Goldie and the Bear (s2)
  • Disney Junior Fancy Nancy: Fantasize Yourself (s1)
  • Disney Christmas Carol
  • Mister Magu

the 13th of November

  • Petra: City of Wealth
  • Perfect Viking Sword

17 november

  • LEGO Star Wars Special Celebration Edition

20 November

  • Aircraft
  • Aircraft: Fire and Rescue

November 27

  • Alexander and a terrible, terrible, bad, very bad day
  • Yellow Dog Adventure: Far From Home
  • Black Beauty (Disney + Original, 2020)
  • Spider-Man Marvel: Maximum Venom (s3)
  • Once upon a time in wonderland
  • Holiday animals (s1)
  • Alaska: Port Security


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