Always Double up the Sauce

There is never too much sauce. Correct sauce can turn a simple thing like a bowl with stewed vegetables, in unusual dish, but in most recipes seem underestimated the amount needed to achieve such a transformation. When you find a sauce that really amazes you, you should immediately – without stopping to think – double the recipe.

From a food preparation standpoint, the benefits of filling the refrigerator and freezer with additional sauce are clear. If you’ve already made a delicious sauce, you don’t need to serve it; Whether it’s a simmered bolognese or just whipping up the seasoning, there’s one less task between you and lunch. In addition, sauces can generally be frozen and reheated without changing their taste or texture, which gives them a significant advantage over other leftovers.

Doubling the sauce recipes will also help you cook better. I’m completely serious: sauces should always be seasoned to taste, so their ratio is more a starting point for negotiation than a strict set of rules. If you’re in the habit of following recipes precisely, making and dressing a double batch of your favorite sauce is a great way to ease experimentation and give you the confidence to keep trying new spices, seasonings, and salt content.

Very few sauces cannot be made in advance, so the best place to start is wherever you want. I make large batches of red sauce because all my usual foods – pizza, eggplant parmesan, spaghetti, and meatballs – contain red sauce and cheese. (My recipe is the same one I use for the stuffed crust pizza .) Another favorite at home is hot peanut sauce , as is the classic frying seasoning mix of soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, and Shaoxing wine. It doesn’t take long to mix the seasonings, but if I take my time while sorting the fried misses on the spot, I might spend a little more time perfecting the flavor balance of the sauce. Don’t limit yourself to individual sauces either; In my favorite instant butter chicken recipe, you set aside half the gravy for a future batch, and it’s ingenious.

Even if you are not inclined to change, making additional sauce will quickly become a habit, because it will be much easier to prepare future meals with it. So, next time you try a fantastic sauce recipe, mark it up to double it – you’ll be so happy you did.


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