Enrich Vegetable Tahini Soups

The soup is good. It’s warm, comfortable and easy to eat, both at the start of a hearty meal and as the star of a light meal. It’s also a great way to eat a ton of vegetables. If you have a bunch of carrots that are about to get weird, a forgotten pumpkin, or a packet of wilted spinach, you can whisk the broth (with some flavors) to make a pretty good soup out of them. Add tahini for a delicious soup.

I have to admit that adding tahini to mashed soups was not my original idea. I got this concept from Samina Nostrata’s spinach and cilantro soup with tahini and lemon (very good soup). Nosrat uses tahini to add firmness and flavor to the soup without overpowering its brighter qualities. You must make this soup, but you must also add tahini to each of the creamy vegetable soups you will be making from now on.

I added some to my Instant Pot Carrot Soup and will do it again. The tahini didn’t overpower or overshadow carrots or garlic, it just made things better . Adding tahini gives you a slightly nutty flavor, a creamier texture, and a deeper roasted flavor. I used a quarter cup and half a batch of carrot soup , but you can add more or less to your liking – just mix or whisk vigorously at the last moment.

Aside from homemade soups, adding tahini is a great way to make tacky store-bought soups a little more appealing, especially if you want to add creaminess without adding dairy (or give your soup a coconut flavor). Simply reheat the soup as usual, adding the well-mixed tahini to taste, a tablespoon at a time. I think you will be impressed if you are the type of person that soup can impress.


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