Make Hash Browns From Leftover Baked Potatoes

I know most of you reading this have never heard of “baked potato leftovers,” and honestly, I love it. But I’m a weak-willed person, whose eyes are much larger than her big belly, and I have been known to repackage, buy and cook in abundance, especially if I order, buy, or cook a steak for dinner.

A steak dinner for me has three main ingredients (not counting the martini): ribeye on the bone, a huge loaded redskin, and a salad wedge. All three are in themselves quite satisfying, soyes – sometimes I have leftovers, and sometimes these residues are mostly, but not completely peeled baked potatoes. If you have never experienced this, then good work, but you are missing something. Baked potatoes, mostly stripped of vegetables, are a great breakfast potato that you will never experience if you eat potatoes in one sitting.

This should come as no surprise. All the very best crispy legs are cooked twice . This includes French fries and chips. This is why frozen potato pancakes are so much nicer than diced homemade fries, and why leftover baked potatoes fries so brilliantly (and quickly). Most of the work has already been done; all you have to do is grind the leftovers into a golden brown mass and eat it with the eggs.

The preparation is simple: just cut whatever is left of the tuxedo potatoes into small pieces, then sauté them in a tablespoon or two of bacon fat (or some other heat-resistant grease). If small pieces of cheese, green onions, and sour cream end up in the pan, melt and mix with the fat, so much the better. Sear the ham slices until golden brown and very crispy, then enjoy the rest of your full breakfast. They are especially good for breakfast tacos.


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