For Nothing, Check Out This Camelbak / Lifehacker Collaboration

Ah, summer. There is nothing better than enjoying a cold drink on a hot day. What a great time to shop for this Lifehacker Camelbak Wine Glass . This slim and intricate glass is just as cool as the article it offers – a true piece of office journalism that knows your drinkware can be upgraded.

To prove these good intentions with a thin veil of gimmicks, let me turn your attention to the photo above. Does this woman look like she’s selling something? She’s just happy living her best life with wine.

Okay, you might be skeptical, but it’s too late. You are here and want to click on it . The algorithm has already caught you on the Web . Did Sandra Bullock survive in this movie? Can you remember? It doesn’t matter, now you will see wine glasses everywhere. It could be a banner ad. You can see this on the next morning Instagram scroll. It’s like a song stuck in your head – the only way out is to accept it and surrender .

I know you are looking for something durable to store your wine – a glass touting one of the dozens of sites you read every week. Is not it? Please tell me that you are. I’m calm, but my eyes are wide open, and maybe I blink twice as I write this. But it’s cool, I’m calm.

Cool down like this official Lifehacker wine glass, created in collaboration with Camelbak . It insulated 12 oz. the glass maintains the temperature of the liquid that you pour into it – up to six hours cold or four hours hot. The powder coating prevents condensation, and the silicone pad helps keep you out of trouble … [ What’s this for? he asks himself. He squeezes his eyes shut as tears run down his cheek; he has to finish it.] … somersaults.

Prefer a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day? Luckily, you can also get a 75L Chute Mag Decorated Lifehacker Water Bottle from Camelbak, which has a magnetic cap that doesn’t get in the way when you drink or leak out when sealed. I say “luckily” because you will benefit the most from this purchase, not me.

So show your support for Lifehacker with a custom made drinking bowl . Please and thank you. Whatever you decide to fill out, rest assured we’re here for you. It’s totally cold.


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