How to Volunteer Internationally Without Traveling

The pandemic has plunged the entire world into crisis; people everywhere need a lot, including jobs, access to health care, food, housing and more. As travel begins to open up, not everyone will want to board a plane without a vaccine.

As travel and tourism are the driving forces behind the economies of many regions of the world, these populations are in particular need of our support now. Even if we are not traveling, we can find a way to use our resources to help them. Here’s how to become a volunteer from the comfort of your home.

Use your skills

The United Nations has divided its online volunteering based on the skills you may have. It includes:

  • Writing and editing will include blog posts, proofreading, draft proposals, creating presentations and handouts, and video and audio editing.
  • Advocacy, including the development of a communications strategy, which provides the organization with better strategies to advance its organization and obtain more funding.
  • Technology development including UX design, website development, and application and software development.
  • Research, including data collection and analysis, institutional donor support and oil and gas security.
  • Translation may include editing and proofreading, graphic design support, and rewording of press releases.

By clicking on a skill, you will see job advertisements with detailed information. These messages will indicate the organization where you will volunteer, the country in which they are based, and the number of hours you will need per week.

Save the elephants

Oyster Worldwide lets you volunteer with elephants in Sri Lanka.

The online volunteer program curriculum is designed to provide background information through readings and presentations, lesson plans, interactive exercises and discussions, graphics, photos, videos, worksheets, quizzes, homework assignments, and self-help assignments. You can choose the project that suits you best …

All lectures take place at 9:30 UK time and require Skype or Zoom. The volunteer program is designed for 2-3 weeks and includes:

  • Learn about the Asian elephant and why it is under threat
  • Understanding elephants for better conservation
  • Reducing conflict between humans and elephants through research and social media
  • Learn about field research, wildlife conservation, and the importance of community conservation efforts from the comfort of your own home

Depending on the length of time you volunteer, there is a cost that will cover the support of local workers and the support of the organization. You can read more about this here.

Provide humanitarian aid

There are many places in the world that have been devastated by war, and healthcare systems are virtually non-existent. You can only imagine that the global pandemic has led to more suffering, poverty and hunger in these places.

The International Rescue Committee is an organization specifically created to help people affected by conflicts and natural disasters, while providing an opportunity for people to bounce back for a more stable future. Where you could usually collect care packages and help with your own hands, IRC has found ways to do this from the comfort of your home.

Your donation will help people in the following areas:

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Yemen
  • Syria
  • Bangladesh
  • Myanmar
  • South Sudan

There are levels for your donations.

  • Donate monthly.
  • Give a life-saving gift. These include one year of training, refugee survival kit, baby kits, emergency hygiene products, and more.
  • Welcome to the refugee. This program is a partner of Airbnb to host a refugee family in need of temporary shelter.


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