How to Transport Makeup Without Breaking or Spilling

You get off the plane and go to the bathroom to freshen up. You open your makeup bag, reach for it, and you end up with a colorful pen painted with sparkling eyeshadow and some gooey liquid. Is this … a cleanser? This. You put on your makeup incorrectly, and these are the consequences. Here are some ways to safely store your cosmetics and facial products in containers rather than bags.

Use a contact lens case

This is a great way to use if you are going on a short trip. Contact lens cases are lightweight and convenient for applying liquid makeup such as foundation or concealer. The screw cap helps prevent leakage and eliminates the need to repackage oversized bottles that could break.

Bring facial wipes instead

For those of you who use a cleanser, it is much more convenient to use a facial tissue. Facial wipes are much easier to carry than liquid cleanser because they are closed and do not spill. Facial wipes are easier to transport in any size bag without taking them out for TSA.

Get some plastic wrap

Plastic wrap can be your makeup’s best friend. There are two ways to use plastic wrap to avoid damaging your makeup.

  • Use plastic wrap inside CDs. When you open the CD, place a layer of plastic wrap on top of it and secure it securely with duct tape underneath. After you close the package, your powder, blush, eyeshadow or bronzer should be securely in place and not chapped.
  • Use it to keep your bottles safe. As with CD, you can wrap plastic wrap with any TSA approved travel bottle. Unscrew the cap and place plastic wrap on top of the spilled part of the bottle. Screw the cap back on from the top and prevent any liquids from leaking out.

Use your socks

Even if you are going to have a nice beach holiday, socks are multi-purpose. One of these goals is to keep your makeup tightly sealed so that it doesn’t ruin any leftover items you’ve packed in your bags.

Using a pair of socks, apply makeup such as lipstick, nail polish, mascara, and eyeliner closer to the toe of the sock. Tie the top of the sock (the part of the sock that covers the ankle) or tie it with an elastic or hair tie, then place that sock inside the second sock to secure all the makeup inside.


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