13 Most Inventive Characters in Film History

There are many ways to live the Lifehacker lifestyle, and not all of them look like me, I usually face a problem in my daily life and then google (” How to cook the killer Lifehacker hornet “) To paraphrase thefamous car hacker Dominic Toretto , some people hack their life for a quarter of an hour at a time (or something like that). And, like Mr. Fast and the Furious , many of them are fictional characters, because life is easier to hack than the life that follows from the pen of a screenwriter.

However, just because scenarios that require hacking are fake doesn’t mean they can’t inspire us. Here are a dozen of cinema’s greatest life hackers – truly resourceful movie heroes who can always find a brilliant solution in a pinch. (Scroll through the slideshow by clicking the arrows at the bottom of each page.)


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