Learn to Program With This PC RPG

I’ve tried learning programming languages ​​on my own using a bunch of different apps and online classes, but TwilioQuest was arguably the most fun I had while learning the code. It started out as a game developer’s guide to learning Twiliocommunication APIs , but has expanded to become a standalone role-playing game that can teach you several programming languages. Yes, and it’s (mostly) free to download and play.

TwilioQuest’s adorable pixel graphics and chiptunes will be familiar to anyone who played top-down RPG or adventure games in the 90s, but for non-gamers it’s easy enough to understand the controls and menus. Players go through various missions, similar to dungeons, where they have to open doors or move objects by performing coding exercises or “hacking” as they are called in the game. Completing missions opens up new locations to explore and better equipment for your character.

This version of TwilioQuest is technically still in development, but there are several missions available in the game that teach users how to use the Twilio API, various coding languages, GitHub repos, and more. Additional tutorials will be added in the future, as well as new features such as combat encounters, item crafting, and other storylines in the game.

However, this does not mean that the game lacks improvement. In fact, I found it a fun little adventure in the short time I spent with him today. It makes your gameplay and programming tools easier for you, but it only took a few short exercises before I felt like grasping the basics of coding. Small goals also make learning more manageable and allow you to work at your own pace.

Anyone who wants to try the game can download TwilioQuest for free for Windows, Mac or Linux (note that some tasks require a free Twilio account, and some additional tutorials are required to play them).


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