Why You Should Support Your Cause With a Monthly Donation

If you can donate money to organizations working to combat police violence or systemic racism, consider making your donation a regular monthly payment rather than a lump sum. Over the course of a year, a small monthly donation can add up to much more than a one-time donation and can make planning and budgeting for your charitable spending easier.

For example, if you are thinking of a $ 25 donation, a $ 5 regular donation per month would be up to $ 60 over the course of a year. If you were thinking of donating $ 50, a monthly donation of $ 10 would mean $ 120 over the course of a year.

Recurring donations can have a greater long-term impact

If you do this for a long time and can make regular donations over several years, the impact of your donation will be much stronger than if you made a one-time donation. And a monthly donation in a stable, predictable amount makes it easier to work with a monthly budget.

These same benefits apply to the organization you donate to — monthly recurring donations provide them with a predictable source of income that can help them budget for long-term initiatives.

The need is not dictated by the news cycle or social media trends

Systemic racism and police violence are not quickly or easily resolved. We will work to address them – whether it be police reform, civil rights legislation, or a host of other initiatives – for a long time, far longer than these issues can grab the attention of new media outlets.

In the midst of this media firestorm, we all feel motivated to help in whatever way we can. However, there will come a time when the news and protests will subside, and when that happens, the support of organizations fighting for change will remain just as important. Repeated donation can be a way to keep doing this even after the focus has shifted to other topics.

If you are still deciding which organization you want to donate to, some of them are working locally and nationally to combat systemic racism and police violence. Several of these organizations, such as the NAACP , Black Lives Matter and the South Poverty Law Center , are dedicated to fighting racism. Other organizations, such as the Bail Project or the National Bail Fund Network , are addressing the issue of collateral. Still others, such as Campaign Zero , are working on evidence-based solutions to end police violence. All of them can benefit from your help – not only now, but for a long time.

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