How to Turn on Dark Mode on the EBay App

It’s been a long time but the eBay mobile app has finally gone into dark mode, which means shoppers can track their bids late into the night without frying their retinas.

While some experts question whether dark modes will actually benefit your vision in the long run, there is no doubt that dark screens feel softer to look at than brighter ones, especially in dim environments, and adopting a dark mode can even increase battery life of the phone . Whatever the reason for using it, it’s nice to finally get that opportunity.

The dark mode option is available on eBay apps for both Android and iOS users. When enabled, the app’s default bright white design is replaced with a multi-color gray. Even the logo and the brand’s iconic red, yellow, blue and green accents are slightly discolored to reduce unnecessary glare.

How to enable eBay’s new mobile dark mode

You will need to update your eBay app for the new theme options to appear. For most users, this should happen automatically, but you can also check for updates in your device’s app store. If you don’t see an update, just wait a little longer and a new version should be available soon. (This hasn’t happened on my Pixel 3a XL yet.)

After installing the update:

  1. Open the eBay app.
  2. Tap the three-line hamburger icon to open the menu.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Go to General, then scroll down and tap Subject.
  5. Choose the visual theme you want to use: dark makes the app always use dark mode, and light makes the app always use light. Choosing the Battery Saver app will have a swap in a dark mode, whenever the battery saver is on, and by default the system uses the current settings of your device theme (this is the default).
  6. The app should automatically change themes based on the option you choose. However, if the change does not happen immediately, try to force close the application and then restart it. A new topic should appear.

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