Where to Go by Camper Right Now

For travelers around the country, complying with the latest restrictions has become a daily challenge. With so many landed flights and warnings about what to do when crossing state borders, many of us dream of escaping. Is living in a RV the way to find it right now?

In 2019, more than 9 million people in the United States owned motor homes; more than 40 million also reported that they regularly go camping on wheels. If you are one of those millions and you want to get some benefit from your mobile home during the coronavirus pandemic, CDC executives advise that now is not the time to travel . Better to leave it in the parking lot and use it in the yard.

However, for over 1 million Americans whose RV is their home, here’s where you can take it – safely:

Go to a state or national park

State and national parks are being closed across the country. However, some states still allow camping and hiking. Each state listed below is linked to a specific state site where you can find more information.

Overnight camping is currently permitted in the following parks:




Hiking is currently permitted in these regions (we have provided links to each public park service’s COVID-19 guidelines, which include up-to-date information on closed areas and quarantine requirements):





Currently, hiking is also allowed in Alaska with camping restrictions.

National parks

National parks open or close for each individual park. Search for a complete list of parks to check conditions for your destination of choice here .

However, even open parks aim to prevent congestion and overcrowding and ask everyone who visits them to:

  • Only park in designated areas
  • Plan your visit in your spare time
  • Maintain a physical distance from other visitors
  • Take whatever you brought back to the park with you

Keep in mind that these parks were created to protect the environment, including plants and animals. Take care of the areas you move around by cleaning up after yourself and paying attention to animals that may be near or around your RV.

Other places to park your RV while traveling

There are other options you can take if you live or use your mobile home during this pandemic.


In addition to selling groceries, cleaning products, electronics and clothing during quarantine, Walmart also welcomes camper vans with dedicated parking spaces. You should contact the store manager prior to arrival to ensure that you are not being towed or if you need to ensure that a sign is displayed on the dashboard.

Truck stops

Truck stops also offer space for camper van travelers. This is a great option because they are specifically designed for people traveling and driving oversized vehicles. Please note that there are courtesy rules at truck stops that everyone must follow:

  • Park in real parking spaces
  • Drive slowly into the parking lot
  • Inspect your vehicle before leaving
  • Fuel Islands are not suitable for a stopover if you are not refueling

Be mindful of your surroundings and ensure your safety by locking doors, staying near well-lit areas, and practice safe physical distance. If you need to use the services wherever you stay while traveling, wear a mask and wash your hands every time you do so.


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