You Can Watch the Show for Free on Redbox’s New Live TV Service

If you’re looking for something to watch out for this holiday weekend, you now have another place to go. Redbox, a company that offers DVD rental boxes at gas stations and grocery stores, launched its own free TV service this week .

The ad-supported service will eventually be available on multiple devices, but right now you can watch it using a browser on your computer or through the company’s dedicated iPhone and Android apps. No login required to view.

The options it has won’t be as good as those you’ll find on the paid streaming service, but there are a decent amount of options, from movies to TV shows like America’s funniest home videos and family feuds.

The service reminds me of Pluto TV, which also offers free live TV with advertisements on various channels. The channel options you see won’t be the same as CBS or FOX. Instead, they focus on a specific program or their “channels” created specifically for the Internet.

Redbox quietly launched the service this week, so it’s likely that there will be more channels across the country after it rolls out.

Worth noting: Redbox also offers paid movie streaming on its site. Prices are in most cases comparable to what you would pay through Apple or Google; however, you can earn points with Redbox for those rental content that can be redeemed for free rentals of physical DVDs and Blu-rays, if this is still something you do regularly it might be worth checking out.


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