Write Your Note in Trump’s Handwriting With This Font Generator

In response to Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s public testimony last week and growing evidence for the quid pro quo, Trump reached out to White House reporters on Wednesday using a handwritten note on Air Force One letterhead that read like a song written by a heartbroken lover. “I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING, I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING,” read one page. “I DON’T WANT QUID PRO. TELL ZELENSKY TO DO THE RIGHT THINGS. THESE ARE THE LAST WORDS OF THE US PRESS “

The note went viral not only because it is absurd, but also because of Trump’s unique handwriting. This is a little Comic Sans MS-meets-Helvetica-meets Disney logo font.

If you want to write like Trump – or send a beautiful and memorable postcard for the holidays – here’s a little trick: you can now write your note in Trump’s handwriting using this website . Just write your note, click Upload Poster, and you’ll have your own Trump memo, signed the same way Trump signed his own.

Here is my:

Jones Knowles Ritchie , the design agency responsible for the website, also created a download feature so you can download Trump’s handwritten text as a font and use it whenever you want – in email, in Word documents … the options are endless.


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