Weird Exercise This Week – One Arm Dumbbell Snatch

I’m glad more than zero of you joined me for the one-arm deadlift last week. Strange, but cool, right? We have another one arm lift this week and this one goes overhead making it even cooler. This is a one-handed dumbbell jerk.

The basic idea is this: you take a kettlebell and lift it off the ground with such force that it flies above your waist, maybe higher (with your hand, of course), and then you lower your body down to catch it. overhead with a straight arm.

Special thanks to the commentator Ash78 for what he pointed out that the version of this exercise with dumbbells for much simpler than the version with a bar, which I prefer. Once again, I just hope everyone has fun experimenting with the new lifts, so the more accessible the lift the better.

(If you train with kettlebells or do crossfit, you’ve probably seen the kettlebell version of this exercise. With a kettlebell, you need to flip the bell in the air. I always hit it on the forearm because I’m not good at this kettlebell exercise, although I’ve heard that if you do it in the right form, you won’t have this problem.Dumbbells solve this problem, but please feel free to use a kettlebell if that’s your thing.)

Here’s a video showing how the dumbbell lifter works:

Understood? If it still seems difficult, just try it with a very light dumbbell and do it harder as you learn.

I confess I don’t have a video of me doing the dumbbell version because I live as hell when I put the barbell over my head with one hand. (Sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.) This clip includes several exercises with 20 kg and then 25 kg, or about 44 and 55 pounds. Next year I will have a competition in which I will try to do this exercise to the maximum, so I’m just getting started. USAWA rules allow you to keep your free hand on your leg or body for assistance if you remove it at the end:

Okay, who’s here? You don’t have to be good at it, just try it and see what happens. And do not forget tomention our@lifehackerdotcom, if you have a video that you want to share in the Insta! Enjoy, and next week I have something even weirder for us.


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