These Excel Viral Shortcuts Are Really Helpful

“How fast can you work in Excel?” – asks a viral video that has been circulating on the Internet for over a year. The animation showcases some quality Excel shortcuts:

  • Highlight the entire row with shift + space , column with ctrl + space .
  • Insert the current date with ctrl +; and the current time with ctrl + shift +;
  • Get the sum of a group of cells by selecting all cells, then pressing alt and + .
  • Hide the selected row with ctrl + 9 and the current column with ctrl + 0 . (This is zero.)
  • To make a line break within one cell, press alt + enter .
  • To see all the formulas in your spreadsheet inside their cells, press ctrl + ` . (This is the accented gravestone key, also known as the tilde key, in the upper left corner.)

The hacks begin in two minutes of this hour-long, brain-rotting compilationEXCEPTIONAL IQ TEST, POPULAR PUZZLES, EMOJI CHALLENGE AND BRAIN IRRITANTS.

The animation was distributed across various channels and platforms and made it onto the Lifehacks subreddit , finally released from prison compilation and presented to its audience. Happy spreadsheet.


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