The Best Way to Get Rid of Your Child’s Extra Toys

There are many reasons to go on a rampage ridding your home of all the plastic toy bullshit. You are tired of stepping on sharp, sharp things. You know that your kids only really play with 20% of their toys. You finally run out of every inch of space.

However, getting kids to part with their toys can be challenging. Once you get this Paw Patrol fire truck out of the bottom of the trash can where it has lived for the past four months, they just have to get it.

Diane of our Offspring Facebook group has a solution for this, courtesy of her aunt, who once did it when she got tired of her kids claiming they had nothing to play with:

Step 1: put all their toys in opaque bags while they sleep.

Step 2: Return the toys they ask for by name.

Step 3. After a month, donate the rest to charity.

It’s like Mari Kondo’s method if Mari Kondo ever gets really upset.

This is not the best way to do it, but it is the best and most satisfying way to immediately reduce plastic clutter. You can also rotate toys to clear out the clutter and get rid of them.


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