Destroy Your Nemesis With These Revenge Subreddits

“The racist boss persecuted Puerto Rican employees and violated labor laws. I ended up with deportation . ” “I put him in jail and ruined his relationship for 5 years.” “The Revenge of the Little Spoon .” “By apparently filled with toothpaste Oreo to taste like real Oreo.” “The king of spam gets spam back and goes to jail.” ” Mad Bartender”.Salt revenge !!!

These are the stories of the top seven revenge subreddits. Sail with me through these seven seas of iniquity:

  • Pro Revenge : The largest revenge subreddit dedicated to major acts of revenge. As with the most engaging personal story subreddits, assume that anything written here is fake or embellished. But it’s a lot of fun, and some of it must be true.
  • Nuclear Revenge : Extreme revenge stories that must be true. While the people who post to any of these subreddits are often the real villains, this is extremely common in NuclearRevenge. The moderator publishes weekly “progress reports” with the most disgusting stories. There are also some stories taken from world news and history.
  • Petty revenge : the opposite of nuclear revenge. The less the fight, the better. One popular post talks about how someone proudly grew their hair after beating cancer, despite their mother’s wishes. The other is about revenge in bed , and not even about farting . A tamed and even soulful subreddit.
  • My evil plan : here people are collaborating on evil plans, mostly out of revenge. The subscription is pretty active, with posts about how to mail a dead animal , a PayPal hacker hack , and some cute messages from schoolchildren about stealing each other’s Chick-fil-A and picking each other’s dirty buddies .
  • Regular Revenge : Everything for all stories of revenge, but no plans for future revenge. Posts are tagged on a scale from trivia to pro.
  • Backfired Revenge : This was a short-lived subreddit that deserves a revival. The few stories here do not force you to mentally take sides. So, like Petty Revenge, this reading is less stressful. For someone to post a message, they must admit they have lost.
  • Gamers Revenge : For battles in a wide variety of video games: Overwatch, World of Warcraft, GTA, Minecraft, Neverwinter, BitLife and more. The pleasure of revenge in the game is that while most of the consequences never extend beyond voice chat, when described in game terms, they boil down to ruining the lives of the players’ characters.

These subreddits are not a showcase of literary skill. These are not even the best places to feel that the world is just – you might decide that the narrator is nowhere near as heroic as they think. But these are good places to learn the psychology and techniques of revenge, which is very important if you want to create your own – and you don’t want to end up on Backfired Revenge.


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