Say Your Phone Dies at the Start of Every Annoying Phone Call

In case you missed it, a week of evil has ended at Lifehacker headquarters – a week dedicated to doing morally questionable things the right way. Yesterday we shared strategies for getting rid of pretty much everything by simply using kids as an excuse. On the phone with someone who doesn’t shut up? Tell them your kids are in an emergency and you should hang up!

But what if, say, you have no children? If you’ve ever wanted to end a call – not rudely – here’s a particularly wicked (but absolutely helpful) trick from Reddit that might solve your problem. “Start every phone call with ‘my [battery] is almost empty’ so you can hang up when you’re bored,” writes u / chicagodogmom606 .

Simple, effortless and very clever – by preceding any call with this simple warning, the other person can expect the sudden end of your conversation without even asking them questions. But if you really want to be successful, you need to remember to turn off your phone, or at least silence it as soon as it rings if they decide to try you again.

But as u / maldio points out, just remember to use this tip sparingly; after the third or fourth time, your friend or parent may catch up with you, so it’s best to save it for when you’re desperate for a quick escape.


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