How Not to Lose Your Finger in the Kitchen

How many times have I watched clever chefs cut tomatoes and onions without a single scratch, I remain steadfastly prone to accidents in the kitchen. I can’t seem to handle this bear claw grip as you tuck your fingertips behind the stabilizing hand to prevent accidental cutting with the knife. After an unfortunate incident with a new chef’s knife and an emergency call, I decided to swallow all my pride and invest in a pair of Kevlar gloves.

Is it humiliating to wear a glove while cooking because you’re so clumsy you can’t trust yourself not to chop off your finger? Oh yes, but I needed humility if I wasn’t going to go to the ER. Does the glove sometimes get nasty when you cut up a chicken or slimy vegetable? Sure, but you are throwing it in the wash. I cannot recommend that you test the Kevlar impermeability by running your finger along the blade of a knife or dicing while drunk, but I will say that I have not cut myself since I started wearing gloves. (I got them because I thought that 11,000 positive reviews couldn’t be fake, but now that I think about it, yes they can, so find the ones that speak to you.)

I don’t stop developing my knife skills, so if you have any tips or YouTube videos that changed everything for you, my ears (and fingers! Ten of them are the last!).


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