Big Mac for One Cent on DoorDash Is Actually Not One Cent

Would you pay more than par for a Big Mac McDonald’s? If you’ve been trying to buy a DoorDash one-cent hamburger this week, you may have done just that.

DoorDash announced on Monday that it is now offering McDonald’s delivery nationwide and said it will give out a million Big Macs for pennies to the first million people who used the promo code to order one through a food delivery app. The promotion is valid until October 4 or while stocks last.

Unfortunately for many hungry, this penny burger does indeed cost $ 6 or more. This is because DoorDash charges taxes and a $ 2.99 shipping fee. Plus, there is some tip on delivery that the customer leaves to the driver ( please leave a tip to your driver ).

DoorDash does state that these fees apply to the promotion, but this is done in gray text that the user must click to open after reading the basic details, namely seeing that the promo code does not work for food and you must order your fries separately.

In some cases documented on Twitter, the last tab was more than the price of Big Mac food, including fries and a drink, according to Fast Company .

Penny Big Macs are not sold out yet

If you still want to try getting a Big Mac below typical price, you can create a new DoorDash account to place your order. Coupon code 1MBIGMAC is automatically applied to your cart, which in my case brought the hamburger price down from $ 4.39 to a dime. Since I’m new , I get free shipping. In general, my Big Mac will cost me $ 2.80 – just over half the price of a single sandwich.

As the saying goes, there are no free meals. Or lunch for one cent. But you might be able to get lunch at half price if you’re late on the delivery apps and don’t want fries. Remember, fries are optional.


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