Southwest Offers Flights Starting From $ 49 This Week

Southwest has a $ 49 ticket sale right now.

From now until September 12, Southwest is offering discounted tickets on a number of routes. To use the deal, you need to purchase your ticket at least 21 days in advance, and on some closed days the deal will not be available at all.

The journey can be started as early as 24 September and can be booked up to 5 March 2020, depending on where you want to go. So, if you’ve been planning a trip early next year, you might want to know if a deal is available.

And obviously not every route will have a $ 49 price tag. However, even rates of at least $ 50 are pretty solid discounts in some cases.

For example, in San Francisco, I can buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas for $ 61. There’s also a $ 180 flight to New York, and both are pretty good value. you can check the special offers for your city on the Southwest website . Just change the dropdown menu above the fare list to your city (or your nearest southwest node).

As with all fare offers, it is always a good idea to check in with several other airlines before booking. While all of these fares are likely a discounted fare compared to Southwest’s regular fare, in some cases you may find another airline offering the same route, which is traditionally cheaper.

Worth noting: Southwest allows you to cancel and change flights for free, so if you book one of these flights and then decide that you would rather fly with a different airline or not travel at all, you can cancel it and get your money back in Southwest credit form which you can use for future trips. This is a nice touch that can make choosing one of the cheaper rates even easier.


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