Accept Your Anxiety by Reimagining It As “excitement”

Historically, I’ve always been a bit of an anxious person.

First day of school? I’m very nervous. First meeting with my boyfriend’s friends? I may have to hide in the bathroom for a while.

This is something I can usually get over pretty quickly, but it happens a lot.

This week Fast Company made a great suggestion for how to deal with that anxiety a little better: reimagine it as anxiety in your mind.

While you will technically still experience the same feelings when you think of them as just aroused, they will be a little easier to deal with than instead of considering yourself anxious.

In general, we all consider arousal to be a positive feeling, while anxiety is most often considered negative.

When you lean towards this feeling, it can turn what could potentially be negative into positive. Anxiety too much can hinder your productivity at work. By reimagining it in your mind as excitement, you can potentially turn that negative into positive and make the feeling work for you, not against you.


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