Men, Stop Showing That Face in Every Selfie

Why are so many young people taking the same vague face on all of their selfies? Why do they all raise their eyebrows and purse their lips like office workers greeting each other on Tuesday? What are they hiding? How do they feel? Vox asked several of them and got great self-deprecating responses. Selfie Max Levitske, for example, says:

Raised eyebrows signal: “Wow, you took me by surprise! Ha! Oh, a photo of me? which at heart is a way for the subject to justify the fact that he is taking a selfie. The smirk is, “I’m too cool for school, but I’ll take this selfie anyway because hey, I’m a funny guy.”

All answers differ depending on the topic: men get embarrassed about taking selfies and choose a face that minimizes that embarrassment. But if you’ve ever spent time with someone who tries to hide their flaws, you notice that it just grabs your attention. A man trying to look “respectable” in a selfie looks more embarrassing than someone who just wants it.

Honestly, men are punished for grimacing. This is not at all like the punishment women receive for their facial expressions – most men never asked to “smile more” from a stranger, did not blame a bitch face for resting, or were called ugly bitches for giving up someone. then courtship on Tinder. – but it’s true that men are often ridiculed for daring to open their mouths in photographs . Right-wing ill-wishers call it a “nude smile” and claim it is a sign of a non-male “soy boy.”

Again, this is not something women are faced with, so be tougher guys. But also remember that the people who call you “soy boy” are Nazi imitators who know no pleasure. Their hero is Jordan Peterson, a forgetful fanatical professor who thinks posing with a frown will make him look smart .

I’m not saying you should smile with your mouth open, though, hey, at least that’s something. Try your usual toothy smile, or really grin, or look very dubious, or hopefully, or blissfully. Just try an expression that’s not an excuse for catching yourself on camera.

Experiment and relax. Take “stupid.” Make an ugly face. These pictures are free. And the more variety of faces you add to Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or Tinder, the less one image can ruin someone else’s impression of you. Like, one creepy face of Norman Bates is not so creepy when surrounded by your stupid, brooding, serious and beautiful faces. These expressions can still be playful and protective ironic, but they have somemeaning, but “I’m sorry, I’m taking sely.” And the more you take them, the more you can get used to the selfie until you stop feeling bad.

Selfies are not shameful. Everyone loves faces. Your friends want to see yours. Play with them, not imaginary (or real) strangers who are bored enough to laugh at your face online.

Or just don’t post selfies, that’s okay too! Or just keep grimacing if you’re comfortable with it, but know what you’re missing out on. I think what I’m saying is that guys … you look prettier when you smile.

Why do guys always take the same face in selfies? | Vox


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