Add Night Mode to Instagram With This Chrome Extension

I’m a big fan of night modes. Night / Dark modes are more comfortable on your eyes and your device’s battery, and to be honest, they look better in many cases in my opinion.

This week I came across a Chrome extension that adds dark mode to Instagram on the web. An extension called Instagram Night Mode turns your Instagram feed into something more user-friendly.

Like most other Night Mode extensions, when installed, an icon appears at the top of the toolbar that you can use to turn this feature on or off. It is enabled by default when you download it.

The final look is pretty cool. Here is my profile page:

And here’s what your images look like:

Sure, you can do something similar with Chrome extensions like Dark Reader , but sometimes the way the universal ones work is a little erratic, especially on image-heavy sites like Instagram. Since this one is designed with Instagram in mind, it treats your photos like a champion and looks great with a pretty stable look.


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