Helping Victims of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence hit the North Carolina coastline, already causing massive flooding in inland cities along rivers. Meteorologists expect Florence to delay and move inland over the weekend, which means that many people will need help and assistance. Here’s how you can help.

Local Organizations

While it is very easy to donate to the American Red Cross via text messages and is incredibly famous across the country, it is also an organization accused of mismanagement and other mistakes. In general, it is often better to contribute to local groups that have a better understanding of what is needed and have less internal infrastructure to absorb money. We will focus on them in this article.

The North Carolina Community Foundation (NCCF) is a “highly ranked charity currently helping the Carolines ahead of Florence,” according to ABC News, and it partners with local charities, so you know your money is directed by people. most familiar with the area. Here is their donation site .

There are also chapters of national disaster volunteer organizations in South Carolina and Georgia , each of which offers advice on which relief organizations they will choose if you want to find out where your money is going.

Finally, there is the North Carolina Disaster Fund , which is dedicated to helping with “post-disaster unmet needs.” These are the groups that will be in Carolina to help people get back on their feet after the water recedes.

Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon is a group of military veterans who mobilize for rescue efforts in the event of natural disasters. According to their website , they have 9,979 volunteers in VA, NC, SC and GA and have already deployed equipment and boats along the coast to sweep where they are needed.


Americares has a strong focus on health issues in disaster relief and currently has a response team for North Carolina:

“In the coming days, the hurricane will strike directly on the east coast and strike much of the southern United States,” Americares director of emergency response Brian Sheal said Monday. “Our response team has been engaged and ready to respond to the urgent medical needs of the affected communities.”

Donations are sent to America for the provision of emergency medical care and other medical supplies, and you can here make a contribution.


GlobalGiving supports local and grassroots groups working to rebuild disaster-affected areas, and they have already launched their Hurricane Florence Relief Fund . Some of this money will go towards immediate needs, but most of it will go towards long-term projects to rebuild the community after the hurricane has passed.

American Humane and Charleston Animal Society

Don’t forget our furry friends. Vulnerable animals will need to be rescued from their abandoned homes, and animals in shelters will also need it. American Human and the Charleston Animal Society are already helping move cats and rabbits around and above the waterline in Virginia and the Carolina.

Finally, if you find yourself within reach now or in the next few weeks (or possibly months), you can volunteer. Quartz offered this list as a starting point:

NVOAD lists dozens of NGOs willing to help (you can also request NVOAD of North and South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia )

National and public service

Civil Corps

Red Cross

We will continue to add resources to this list as new ones become available.


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