Adding Flavor to Grilled Cheese Is a Very Good Idea

One of my favorite cooking articles is a Reddit post called “You Make Me Sick.” What follows the name is a real screed against r / GrilledCheese members who fill their sandwiches with anything other than bread, cheese, and butter. The poster contains many good points, and I thought about each of them while making the sandwich pictured above. While I felt a little guilty, it didn’t stop me from enjoying what this Reddit user would most likely consider the “pickle melting”.

However, putting a layer of marinade inside the still-hot grilled cheese sandwich and then covering it again is not my idea. I read about it in this Cup of Jo post and it was sold by the following description:

The smell is reminiscent of a grilled cheeseburger with pickled cucumber, and the hot vinegar helps balance all that rich, fatty cheese and butter.

This makes a lot of sense in terms of taste; the acid really helps to get rid of the rich flavor, keeping your palate from saturating and allowing you to enjoy even more viscous processed cheese. I tested the theory using dill seasoning and must admit I loved the grilled pickled cheese. The sandwich had a definitely snack-like vibe and I really appreciated the sour, salty flavor. It may not be a real “grilled cheese” by all standards, but it’s a damn good sandwich. (Next time I plan to try this with chopped gherkins; hopefully everything goes well.)

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