Ask Siri for Your Forgotten Passwords

When it comes to passwords on your smartphone, the smartest solution is to use a password manager like 1Password. Password manager can not only create a super-secure password, but also remember it and use it to log into your accounts instead of you, which makes all password management safe and simple at the same time.

If you are still coming up with your own passwords; however, then there is a good chance that you will forget them from time to time. If you’re trying to sign in to a site for which you have a password saved in your iCloud Keychain (which makes it so that the password field fills in automatically), then you can actually ask Siri what password.

CNET noted this week that if you say “Siri, show me my passwords,” it will open the passwords page in Settings and show you all the passwords you’ve saved. Alternatively, you can simply ask Siri for a password for a specific site or app, and it will redirect you to the account page in Settings with the password information you requested.

Both options require you to verify your identity using Face or Touch ID, so random people with your phone won’t be able to access all of your passwords.

And if you don’t want to ask Siri, you can always just look at the information yourself. You can find your saved passwords by going to Settings, then Passwords & Accounts, and then Website & App Passwords.


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