How to Send a Secret Image in Plain Sight

iOS: For a variety of reasons, from risky to super-spy, you may sometimes want to send someone a secret image. While there are many apps you can use to send disappearing images, Cammeleon is a cool little iOS app that lets you hide images inside images.

To hide your secrets, open the app, take a photo, add an optional title, and click the right arrow next to the title box (even if you can’t see it). Then add a second image and an optional password and use the same right arrow to send it wherever you go.

Your recipient receives a photo that at first glance looks like the second thing you took (or imported). This is where the fun can be. If they open the Cammeleon version on their device, they can decipher the innocent photo you posted and show the real image.

To do this, drag the image up in the app and tap the Send icon, then select the Decrypt option that appears with the Cammeleon icon. (If you do not see the decryption option, scroll to the end of the top line of the general sheet and click the ellipsis “More”, then turn on / off the toggle next to decryption in the list.)

While Cammeleon’s interface isn’t impressive, and some of the buttons don’t quite fit the different screen sizes of the iPhone X, the app does its trick without needing a lot of chrome. It’s free, too, making it a great addition to your digital (sketchy) toolbox.


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