The Day Before, Set the Family Breakfast Table

Of all the old-school parenting tricks I learned from my grandmother, who raised eight children, myself included, one stands out as a magic wand when returning to school: setting the table before bed. Thus, when someone in your family wakes up, even if at different times, they will be waiting for them at the family table – no need to rush around the kitchen, opening every cabinet and drawer in search of a spoon or mug. or Grapenuts.

Taking one or two more steps to this idea is quick and easy, and everyone will have more time for morning crunch:

  • Prepare your kettle and kettle or coffee maker so they are ready to go (or set a timer brew if possible).
  • Pour baby cereal or muesli into bowls and cover with a small plate or lid so they don’t dry out overnight.
  • Spread out your favorite breakfast foods, such as honey and fresh fruit, and leave them whole to prevent spoilage. (In our house, constant favorites are mangoes, pears, and bananas.)
  • Fill a water jug ​​with a lid and serve long-stored cartons of juice or chocolate milk.
  • Measure out your dog and cat food and put it on the counter, adding a few more notes on your morning to-do list.
  • And on tough days, or as a surprise, fresh flowers, a reassuring note, a balloon (which I keep in my kitchen drawer), or a special treat like banana bread can help start the day with extra warmth. , fuzzy feeling before you all pop out the door.

For families with babies who often have their hands busy keeping hungry, wriggling offspring in addition to very limited time, simply setting up a highchair with a baby bowl, spoon, bib, sippy cup and jar of porridge can make a huge difference. … When I find the time, I can feed my little one, enjoying a cup of coffee and my breakfast – a real treat. When I don’t do this, not only do I usually skip meals, but I can hardly drink half a glass of much-needed caffeine; I waste precious time looking for things that are suddenly not where they should be, or not clean when I need them immediately ; and start my day off hungry, with an incipient headache. A recipe for dysfunction, no doubt about it.

Setting the family table every evening not only makes the morning less stressful and more enjoyable; she also ensures that everyone will sit down and fill in the face of their hectic day, and there is a chance for two family meals together, now and then, how good and what can beat that?


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