Where to Buy a PlayStation Limited Edition Console Tonight

Sony celebrates the sale of 500 million PlayStation systems with a new limited edition 2TB console with a translucent blue chassis. Only 50,000 units will be sold worldwide, with orders officially starting tomorrow, August 24th.

Aside from its pretty looks, the $ 500 console also includes a matching DualShock wireless controller, a PlayStation camera, and a vertical stand.

If you want one of these beauties (and they are quite attractive), it is in your best interest to start trying around midnight. Otherwise, you will most likely end up buying one from the aftermarket, which isn’t exactly cheap.

Here are some of the stores that are guaranteed to have a console (but numbers may vary). Your best bet is to download a few of these locations at midnight and try to buy one as soon as they go on sale. Is it or hope that nowinstock.net will give you enough early warning when the consoles are up and running , that you will have time to buy one before they sell out.

GameStop : GameStop has confirmed it will have a semi-transparent PlayStation 4 at 12:01 tomorrow, but it does not currently have a landing page for the console .

Target : You can order the console from Target here .

Best Buy : Best Buy will sell the console here .

Amazon: There was a landing page , but it’s gone. Perhaps he will appear later?

eBay : Console bookings on eBay currently exceed $ 1,000 , but you have several options to choose from.

If you want to have fun but don’t want to buy a new console, you can also purchase a translucent controller separately for $ 64.99 or a limited edition wireless wireless headset for $ 99.99. In particular, it should be much easier to get hold of a headset – Sony makes 500 million.


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