Get Rid of Annoying Cookie Notifications With This Bookmarklet

Since the European Union introduced its GDPR privacy laws earlier this year, websites have been required to be more direct about the online data they collect from visitors.

This is all well and good, but you probably don’t need to be reminded (for the millionth time) that cookies are placed on your computer every time you visit your favorite site. For those suffering from terminal “cookie notification fatigue”, consider installing the Remove Sticky Headers bookmarklet to keep your sanity.

After installing it, simply click on the bookmarklet in your browser’s bookmark bar and all cookie notifications on the website will disappear for a while. Since the bookmarklet removes all “sticky headers”, you can also get rid of other annoying elements, such as “sign up for my mailing list” prompts that are attached to the bottom of the website, or various “you are blocking ads” warnings. …

A bookmarklet is a handy little trick, but there are a few caveats to keep in mind. First and foremost, Kill Sticky Headers does not work on all sites, such as Twitter. (If this bothers you, try using an extension like Ublock Origin and turning on anti-annoyance filters until the offending elements are gone.)

Second, if the bookmarklet accidentally kills something important on the page, like a navigation element, a social media post button, or anything else that you think is important, just refresh the site to restore it.

Remove anything sticking to websites | gHacks


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