Find New Books Based on Where They Are With This Tool

The first weekend I lived in San Francisco, I found a local used book store in my area, where I immediately bought a half dozen books set in San Francisco. When I entered the store, I had no intention of doing this, but it was a great solution.

I really enjoy looking at the city through the lens of the artistic set. However, finding a book set in a specific city is not always as easy as it seems.

This weekend I stumbled upon a site that makes it easy to find the perfect novel. A site called Targeted Readings has books listed by location, making it easy for you to find something to read in your chosen city, provided that city is larger.

Click on Paris, for example, and you will see the proposals by Ernest Hemingway “The Moving Feast ” and Victor Hugo “The Hunchback of Notre Dame “. Click Shanghai and you will see Jonathan Clements’ Brief History of the Samurai suggestions.

Unfortunately, there are currently not many cities to choose from, but if your desired city is not listed, you can request to include it in the future.

The idea here is for you to read a book from somewhere on the road, on the road, or while you are there to set the mood. However, I think it can also be a fun way to have a kind of short virtual vacation. Of course, reading a few books is not a substitute for a trip to Madrid, but it may be enough to make you feel like you’ve experienced it at least a little, even if you haven’t gotten off the couch in the process.


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