What’s in Store for and Out of Netflix in the Week of August 20, 2018

A moody teenage love story with a supernatural twist, in which Guy Pearce recites lines such as: “You are a young woman in a frightening new world. I think you just need someone to get through this with you? ” Could this be the answer to Stranger Things this summer ? Hopefully, The Innocents (Friday, August 24) are at least half as interesting – if so, they win the week.

Other promising debuts include The After Party , produced by a global hip-hop star, starring Kyle as the ambitious rapper who taunts Wiz Khalifa after tasting his powerful weed; and Follow This , a Buzzfeed editorial documentary, in which you’ll likely discover the secret algorithm behind which the Disney princess best suits your pizza taste.

Arrival this week

The * sign indicates the original Netflix.

Tuesday August 21st

  • First year

Thursday 23 August

Friday 24 August

Leaving this week

Departure 23 August

  • Sausage party

Leaving August 25

  • Road


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