Tell Us Your Travel Tips for Burning Man

Okay, crazy people. As part of Heat Week, Hack Your City travels to Black Rock City, the desolate site of the annual Burning Man festival, where nerds and hippies camp, do art, take drugs and give away to each other for free. The 33rd Burning Man will take place this year. Whether you have left from the start or just once, I would love your advice on how to make a good trip.

Every Monday onHack Your City, we ask readers for the best tips about the city: driving tips, restaurant tips, entertainment, and any other tips for visitors and locals alike. Then, on Thursday, we present the best comments. We work in the USA and around the world.

This can be a controversial topic, so be constructive if you want to keep your comment rights. But feel free to explain what not to do, as well as provide helpful tips such as great activities, gear to pack, and activities to visit during the pre-season. I especially want to hear tips that you only learned after many years of visiting, or ideas on how to treat the festival when you know this is not your only chance.

What’s the key to pleasure? What are some good gifts to bring? What are your fashion tips? What are the best cars? Which bikes are best for you? How can people find the right group to participate? How can they find new friends while they are there? How can they be good citizens of Black Rock City?

What advice can you give to people who are shy or on a budget? What if he loves art but worries about the comfort of the desert? What if they are concerned about security? What advice is applicable now that did not apply five or ten years ago?

Let us know in the comments (not email) and we’ll highlight the best ones in the Personnel tab. Then come back on Thursday and write about the highlights.


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