Create the Most Invigorating Cold Shower Ever

I didn’t like many things in life in Florida, but my main complaint was that I could never cool down completely. For three quarters of a year, going outside made me completely useless (because I am a pale and pale nerd), and taking a “cooling” shower did not help much simply because the water never got cold enough . In the end, I came up with a system to completely bypass the water temperature.

It’s warm week and we’re on fire! The heat and humidity hit our heads, and all we can think about is getting into the pool and staying there until September. But since we got work to do, damn it, here’s the summer content you crave so much, from the finest icy cocktails to not toasting in the summer sun, we’ve got your (sweaty) back on your toes.

To transform yourself from an overheated, sticky mass of anger into a cold vision of serenity, you need two things:

1) Exfoliating glove

2) A bottle of Dr. Bronner’s mint soap . (Don’t take any substitutes; you need some crazy bullshit soap.)

When you have all of this, shower with water that is completely cold; Dampen a clean glove with peppermint soap and rub yourself vigorously. Removing dead skin by applying Peppermint Energizing Treatment to fresh, newly exposed skin will leave you feeling cold, most likely to the point of giving you goosebumps. After the shower, you will come out cool and calm – perhaps even cold , which is always preferable to being hot.


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