Tell Us Your Orlando Tips

The further south you go in Florida, the more it feels in the north. TV Tropes calls Orlando the northern edge of this more tropical, urban part of the state. (TV Tropes also refers to Orlando as Ernest’s Saves Christmas and Sharknado 3. )

Every Monday onHack Your City, we ask readers for the best tips about the city: driving tips, restaurant tips, entertainment, and any other tips for visitors and locals alike. Then, on Thursday, we present the best comments. We work in the USA and around the world.

As American youth head south for spring break (woo), let’s hear your tips for visiting Orlando. Where is it good to eat, drink, play? What is overlooked or overrated? What customs and laws should visitors be aware of? What’s the best way to get around the city? What can many Orlando business travelers do while in town? What can visitors enjoy when they broaden their horizons beyond theme parks?

That being said, we don’t need a lot of details about Disneyland itself yet; we’ll cover that in the Hack Your City Special this May. But we could take advice on how to stay in Orlando during a Disney World, Sea World or Universal trip.

We also need advice on how to live in Orlando for a long time. How to make your home in a 2 million metropolis, which is visited by over 68 million people a year? Where do you go to escape the tourists? What do you do when you want to go out of town for the weekend?

Locals, what have you learned only after living in Orlando for years? What makes you love it or hate it? If you hate it, how do you cope?

Comment below and come back Thursday for some top tips.


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