How to Improve Your Monday Mood With Dogs and Google

Today is Monday and the brutal daylight savings master stole 60 of your precious minutes, which means you probably won’t be generating TPS reports at work as quickly as you usually do. Since you’re already costing your employer billions of dollars , why not take a break and do self-service with Google’s Pup View project ? If you’ve ever wanted to see Japan from the back of an Akita, now is your chance (at least until it’s time for your afternoon gatherings).

The Pup View project is part of Google Year of the Dog , a series of dog-themed experiments ( such as neural networks that analyze your dog’s drawing). Akita dogs equipped with harnesses and 360-degree cameras traveled around Odate City in Akita Prefecture, located in the northern region of Japan.

To see more viewpoints in Pup View, click the icon in the upper left corner of the Google Maps window. You will see a list of places where dogs have captured 360-degree images of the idyllic landscape – places you can dream of from the comfort of your used Aeron chair.


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