How Is Your February Push-up Going?

It’s already half a month, so it’s time to stop by again. How are your push-ups?

Shit happens, so there’s nothing to blame if you can’t practice every single day this month or if you joined late. But if you’ve recorded at least a few sets, weigh it. How are you? What progress have you made?

I started doing sets of five push-ups in the most strict form possible. I tend to lower my hips too low, so I tried to do push-ups with the correct pelvic tilt. It’s difficult, but I’m making progress.

After a week, I was able to do six sets instead of five. Two days ago, I do sets of ten. Now I dream of what will be possible by the end of the month. Maybe a hundred a day?

Have you changed your goal based on your progress? Up or down, it’s okay.


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