Reading List “Sexism in Magic: the Gathering”

“You don’t look like a Magic player, ” a familiar comment to women in the Magic: The Gathering community, is also the headline of a Metafilter post (by Fizz) that compiles six articles on gender and sexism among players. and creators. The cited works address issues of personal sexism, gender representation and identity, and the gender divide in fantasy art.

The stories published from 2015 to the last week come from a number of feminist and gaming sites. Some of the problems of criticism in the world of Magic; some point to promising developments. If you’re wondering why people need gender politics in the card game and you’re open to learning, these articles will teach you why.

As the first collectible card game to heavily influence other titles in 25 years, Magic is a good lens for science fiction, fantasy, and nerd culture in general. As this culture changes and becomes more accessible to a wider range of people, despite the egregious protests of some natural white men, the personal nature of Magic makes it a more active playing field for all cultural controversies.

You will learn a lot about culture from this Reading List and also from the thread that follows. For example, the ODiV commentator points to Planeswalkers for Diversity , a site that helps all people play and enjoy Magic.

“You don’t look like a Magic player.” | Metafilter


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