Choose My Brain

Every time I write about how to ask for free advice or how to give free advice , I perversely envy people who are bombarded with one rude question: “Can I choose your brain?” So, in the month of February, I ask Lifehacker readers: can you choose my brain?

For the next four weeks, you can email me (topic: Choose Your Brain) and ask me for professional advice, ideas, criticism, or any other benefit of my little experience. If you’re in New York, you can buy me coffee, or we can have a Dutch lunch or a beer. I will do my best to help anyone who asks, even a little.

My brain is not particularly good or useful! But here’s what it can do for you:

  • Hone your presentation for film, business, game, and more.
  • Give a third opinion on a dispute you have
  • Provide career advice, especially in the media
  • Introduce you to someone
  • Edit an important letter
  • Recommend podcasts
  • Fix your computer a bit, or maybe mess it up
  • Grab Your Free Blog Post Ideas

After a month, I’ll share with everyone what it was like to get your brain and hopefully how you can make yourself more approachable as a mentor or advisor. (Unless we agree otherwise, I can use the details of our conversation in the message.)

I also have some tips for collectors: which emails and invitations were easiest to answer in the affirmative, and which questions were particularly helpful to both parties. And I would love to hear your feedback on the choice of brains. Because god knows I hear little from you in the comments.


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