Redecorate Your Apartment With IOS AR Apps

Apple’s ARKit for iOS 11 makes it relatively easy for developers to take advantage of the company’s augmented reality and empowers consumers to interact with a virtual world that sits on top of your real environment. Augmented reality games are by far the clearest way to showcase its many possibilities, but some of the best augmented reality apps are not games at all. These augmented reality tools for iOS give you the tools you need to clean up your home, plan for the future (in terms of which sofa you’re going to buy this spring), and get started on some home improvement projects. without lifting the hammer.

Get the device you want first

Before you start recklessly downloading AR apps, make sure you have a compatible device. ARKit only works on these specific iOS devices:

  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • All iPad Pro models
  • iPad (2017)


Price : Free

Hang in darker shades? Buying a table? Unless you have printed labels measuring everything in your home , it will probably be difficult to figure out how long this curtain rod should be, or how many people can comfortably fit on this two-seater rod (well, two). Plus, you’ve probably forgotten where you put the tape measure that comes with the cheap starter kit you bought for attaching the posters.

Use Tapmeasure, which allows you to measure the distance between multiple points without relying on cumbersome legacy physical measurement tools. You can use it to outline the placement of multiple pieces of art, measure how much space you can afford to free up to service your new sofa. You can automatically measure objects such as doors, windows and artwork, and use the smart level function to properly align your wall masterpieces.

Want to do even more with your measurements? You can use Tapmeasure to create a 3D model of your entire house, which you can load into apps like SketchUp (or other architecture and design apps, though you’ll probably need to convert the .skp file to SketchUp first).

Measure 3D

Price : $ 2.99

You can have all the measurements you need for your interior design project saved in Tapmeasure, but for everything else, try Measure 3D Pro. An AR measurement app can handle your standard measurements, tell you how far you are from an object, and even measure a person’s height using face recognition (or multiple people at the same time, which is handy).

Want to make more complex assessments? Build a tetrahedron in your backyard that you can use as a doghouse? Measuring 3D allows you to assemble a variety of shapes, from simple triangles to complex polygons, and adjust the shape by extruding it, just in case you need to adjust the selection for your comic collection by an extra inch or two. You can also calculate measurements such as area and volume and work around the final result to get a clear view from all sides of your latest virtual project.

You can also save and share your collected measurements, which makes Measure 3D quite a useful app for when your roommate wants to know if the standing desk he saw on Craigslist will work for your apartment.

IKEA Place

Price : Free

Are you trying to furnish your new apartment with some functional furniture that suits you? Use the camera and IKEA’s Place app to assess what you need before buying it. You of course only have access to the IKEA furniture catalog and won’t preview anything like a silverware set, mostly tables, chairs, sofas, and other large items that you should probably measure before purchasing. However, the app’s ability to offer a preview of how this new dresser will look next to your existing bed is useful enough to put the Swedish furniture store a little higher on my list of places to find tiny chairs for my tiny apartment.


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