Take a Photo of Your Fridge Before Going Grocery Shopping

My boyfriend and I are terribly bad at buying groceries. We always try to go to the grocery store to buy “weekly lunches,” but this meal planning quickly takes a tricky turn when we end up discussing what food might still be left in the house to contribute to that meal.

The end result is that we often get too much of one and not enough of the other. Yes, we could list and check our stocks ahead of time, but this, while great in theory, never works for us in practice. We have learned that we do not make a list of products, and even when we try to be, we end up straying quite far from what we “plan” to get.

Reddit user ashlessscythe has an interesting fix for the problem: take a photo of the inside of your fridge before heading out.

Of course, this is not a perfect solution. Depending on how crowded your refrigerator is, you may not be able to see everything in there, and you may not be able to look inside the package to find out that you have 2 eggs left in that box or a few drops of milk.

However, this is not a bad idea. Photography can give you a reference point for your home and help you remember what you have and what might be on the brink of exhaustion. While you may not be able to see that your container of coffee creamer is running low, the image in its image might remind you that you almost last used it this morning.

The best part? Taking a photo takes only a few seconds. For the lazy man (or woman) who doesn’t want to make a list and plan ahead of time, this can be a useful reference to determine if you should buy the item you’re selling.


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