This Bot Will Automatically Like Your Friend’s Instagram Posts

I tweet a lot throughout the day, and almost always my boyfriend is the first to like my posts, sometimes to the point where it seems like a notification like this comes the second time I actually post my post.

He’s fast, and after the first month of his quick likes, I remember asking him if he was using a bot to just blindly like my posts. It turns out that he actually set up a notification, which is why a popup appears on his desktop when I write something new. He uses my tweets as an opportunity to take a short break and clicks on the notification to see what I wrote and what he likes most of the time.

Although it doesn’t use a bot, this week I discovered that there is one for Instagram.

With its help, you set up automatic adding of likes to messages of a certain user. When the like is sent, you will receive a message in Slack so you know it happened so you can check the message yourself. And you should definitely look at this post as soon as possible, and not make someone think that you have seen (and loved) what you have not seen. The idea here is to avoid saying “Why didn’t you like X” when you’re very busy, not to completely exclude yourself from the equation.

The bot is available for free download on Github . Its creator, gulzar 1996, created it as a way to automatically like your girlfriend’s posts. This only works for Instagram at the moment, but it has plans to add Twitter support as well as a layer of facial recognition in the future so that you can potentially only love images that have your friend’s (or significant other’s) face and not all. what is. their schedule.

Another good option is to simply set up notifications when your friend sends messages. You can do this by going to his or her Instagram profile and clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the page. From there, select “Enable Post Notifications” to receive a push notification from the Instagram app every time a new post appears. Then you may really like her.


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