Streaming Anime Now Included With Your Amazon Prime Membership

Anime Strike, Amazon Video’s additional anime channel that costs $ 5 a month, has been shut down. But don’t be sad! Rejoice! It just means that you can watch tons of great anime with an Amazon Prime subscription right now, without any additional subscription.

Amazon decided to ditch the unpopular service today , a few days before its anniversary, due to a lack of subscribers and constant complaints from those who subscribed to Amazon’s Channel. Anime fans were reluctant to sign up due to double paid access to services ($ 99 / year for Amazon Prime plus $ 60 / year for Anime Strike), and those who did sign up often had problems not translating shows, shows too a large number of translations and extraneous things. information and generally lack of communication with Amazon. Anime Strike subscribers often didn’t know when the new episodes of their favorite TV series would finally arrive.

While some of these issues may not go away, at least right now this service doesn’t cost you an extra $ 5 per month. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch all of the shows they aired on Anime Strike, including great new stuff like Okkoku , Scum’s Wish , Made in Abyss, and Inuyashiki Last Hero . In addition to the standard Prime Video, the Bollywood channel Amazon Heera is added. Hopefully this move does not mean Amazon plans to avoid or remove content from anime or Bollywood in the future.


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