Let Alexa DJ Meet Your Christmas Party

At every Christmas party or family gathering I go to, there is usually at least a moment of confusion when everyone decides who will be in charge of the music. Questions then arise about how that person’s phone can be hooked up to the speaker we’re in, or whether they can log into Spotify to access an epic playlist they’ve created to share with the band. Instead of all this, I can offer a simple sentence: let Alexa do it.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can ask Alexa to “Listen to Christmas Music” and get a pretty solid mix of holiday hits. Bonus: Since it plays through your echo, it also doesn’t require any speaker setup or additional action … it just works.

It’s not exactly the best solution for a large gathering (I would recommend trying a Pandora or Spotify station connected to some real speakers for that), but for quiet background music for lunch or gift opening, it’s great.

To do this, activate the Christmas Radio skill on Alexa.

Santa will curate your tunes this year. Turn on the iHeart Santa skill on your Alexa and then ask to “talk to Santa Claus.” Santa will ask you a few yes or no questions to get to know you, and then play a selection of tunes he thinks you will like based on your answers.

And if you’re tired of the holiday music at this stage, you can also ask Alexa to like it and ask Alexa for Christmas trivia like “Is Santa real?” Or “Who is your favorite deer?” Or ask her to read Christmas Eve aloud.

And when you’re ready to sit down and watch the Netflix fire for the night, you can ask Alex to “play the holiday sounds,” using the Christmas Sounds skill to create a cozy atmosphere.


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