How to Prepare for Your First Race As a Runner

Getting ready for your first race, 10K, or even a marathon is an achievement, no matter how you get it. Doing this successfully takes persistence, savvy, and some of the tips we’ve gathered to ensure you get the most out of every step. You don’t even need to let a new addition to your family keep you from running miles on the sidewalk. Here are the best running tricks and tips to help you get ready for your first race.

How to know if you are ready to start preparing for a marathon

If you choose a mile or two during your regular exercise, the thought of a marathon can be more inspiring than realistic. If you’re nervous trying to bite a bullet and start training, you should find out what goes into a marathon. Summarize what it takes to get ready for a 26.2 mile race (that’s more than some compression shorts).

Use walking breaks to run your first 5K race

Here’s a secret: you don’t need to maintain a 10-minute pace per mile during your first 5K. If those three miles are too long for your body to tackle in one sitting, you should take a break from walking and use a slower pace to regain your composure and maintain your professional outlook on running (it beats wheezing until you fall) …

How and why to try running completely barefoot

Running shoes are great, but there are alternatives to wrap the feet in rubber and any other Nike Flyknit material. You’ve probably seen runners hitting the sidewalk with weird boots (which are, well, not as good as they claim), but you can ditch the weird orthopedic device for something more minimalist: bare feet. A warning for beginner runners: Relax or you will hurt yourself .

Fancy sneakers really make you faster

So you’ve run the miles on the treadmill, run a few laps on your local circuit, and even jogged the trail on one of the sweetest autumn days. As your big racing day approaches, why not treat yourself to some new shoes before the race? Not only will they look like heck of flying on race day, science says the right shoes will actually make you go faster.

How to get a decent workout with a stroller

Congratulations, new parents! You’ve got a new training buddy. You don’t need to tie your offspring to your chest while you continue to sprint uphill. Take a stroller and keep your dad out of the way while you hang out with your new family member.

What I learned after running my first marathon

Want to know first-hand what it takes to run a marathon? Our very own Patrick Allan knocked one out earlier this year, and he had a few gems to share. His 26.2 mile run was grueling and included a knee adjustment, but knowing when to show up, where to start, and what to do if something goes wrong can make or break your first marathon.


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