Build Your Marshmallow Gingerbread House for Stability

I’m ridiculously bad at building gingerbread houses. In fact, the process is so stressful that several of my family members refuse to participate in this festive event with me. Aesthetics aside, my main problem is that my houses are constantly crumbling and it makes me say ugly words, but I found a tasty reinforcement in the form of rice crispis treats.

Building ginger-scented walls around the marshmallow confection mass allows them to lean on as they sit down, with support coming from within the home . Just make a large batch of treats, shape them into a house shape while they are still warm – be sure to turn on the roof support – and build the house around the savory support structure. When the house is dry, decorate it as usual. You can also use treats to make Christmas trees, little gifts, or snowmen for your gingerbread yard, or you can just eat the extra ones.


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